>>>>>Please note that USPS  has increased their  shipping rates dramatically this Month. They  have gone up 75 cents on flat rate  priority packages like I use to  ship to you.This brings the average cost to ship 200 grams of food to you to $9.30. These rates  are  reflected in the shopping  cart at check out.  Please understand that I have no control over these increases. Complaints should be  directed at your State Legislature and the USPS Postmaster General DeJoy..Neither  of which is doing their Job when it comes to the USPS.<<<<<


***** This has been a horrendous year in many ways. Covid aside, Its been a real struggle to get in Freeze Dried Blackworms. The demand has exceeded the supply and Covid has impacted Cargo shipments from Australia to the USA severely. Things are improving and the farm has shipped more stock recently. Their new sheds are finally producing so I am hopeful we will see more frequent and regular stock shipments. This doesn't mean that we are out of the woods.. Cargo is still taking much longer than it used to( 2 weeks on average).  I will keep the store updated with whats available. Plan ahead at least several weeks...just in case. You can pre-order & prepay items shown as back ordered and I will ship as soon as I receive stock.


Orders placed for Backordered Items will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. Your patience is   greatly appreciated.



Please stay safe and healthy  during  these difficult times.******

 Revised 10/4/2021


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