Diskusgold PlanktoPlus Daily Pellets: 1 Liter (480grams)

Discus granules Imported From Germany: Diskusgold® PlanktoPlus Daily. Discus-soft pellets with L-carnitine -the growth-booster, discus vitamins and 15% plankton (Artemia, krill ...) We call it the new Smooth food because it is not hard. It is full of power: Little moisture, much plankton. Artemia, Artemia cysts, crustaceans and shellfish. A discus vitamin mix, an optimal protein-fat ratio, herbal ingredients complement the food and turn it into a powerhouse. The swelling behavior is low, that is, the volume of the feed increases in water not much. So greedy eaters are not at risk. The water stress by our PlankoPlus Daily is low. Thus PlanktoPlus Daily is the ideal complement to the frozen food basic diet of your discus fish! The food is cold pressed, so the nutrients and vitamins are retained as possible. Grain size: Medium for discus fish from 5 cm Complete food for discus fish Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives (30% beef protein extracts), vegetable by-products, fish and fish by-products, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans (10% krill, 5% Artemia cysts), Proteins obtained from micro-organisms, oils and fats, vegetables, yeasts, algae, vitamin premix (discus-vitamins), amino acids 1000mg / kg L-carnitine Analysis: crude protein 48%, crude fat 11.8%, crude fiber 0.9%, ash 4.9% Feeding recommendation: feed them several times a day, take as much as the animals within 2-3 minutes.

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Diskusgold PlanktoPlus Daily Pellets:  1 Liter (480grams)
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