Baby fish food..Freeze Dried Blackworm Fines 50grams

When packaging  our Freeze Dried Blackworm Products we screen them to try and remove as much of the  small pieces we can. These "fines" make excellent fish food for  fry. They  are also great to add  to home made  fish food  mixes to boost its pallatability and nutrition. Perfect size  for many small tropical fish as well.   Great  opportunity to get all the nutrition of our freeze dried blackworm  products at a  discount.

Fines  are  an aggregate of  all of our  Freeze Dried  Blackworm  product and as  such  contain some  pigment,spinach, and spirullina.  Approximately the same  Nutritional profle as  our  other  Freeze Dried Blackworm Products (nutritional analysis: Crude Protein 66.35%,Crude fat 13.87,crude fiber 0.24%,Moisture 3%)

Ships  in   Plastic Ziplock bag.

Baby fish  food..Freeze Dried Blackworm Fines 50grams
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